Quality Management

Quality requires effort:

Policies and Procedures

Policies and procedures are continuously updated and consistently implemented such that organizational activities are streamlined to deliver highest quality performance at all levels.

Systematic Automation

Automation of organizational activities is systematically pursued, aimed at reducing human errors and achieving high efficiency in all major processess - production, accounting, reporting and human resources management.

Continuous Testing

All raw materials are tested by qualified specialists utilizing the top-notch technologies to ensure compliance with the standards for high quality glass production.

Recipe Control

Periodically reviewed and adjusted production recipes are consistently enforced via automated dosing and mixing technologies to ensure minimum deviations from dosing requirements.

Systematic Plant Maintenance

All components of the production equipment are periodically maintained in accordance with the industry standards to ensure long-term consistent quality.

Continously Updated Library

Library for defect identification in finished goods is continuously updated to expand live capabilities to promptly prevent all types of defects that may compromise the quality of products.

Maintenance of Quality Infrastructure

Periodic testing of quality management systems and equipment is carried out to ensure that they are functioning in accordance with defined quality standards.

Manual Checks

Glass samples are analyzed every 2 hours via laboratory testing to ensure appropriateness of automated quality control systems.

Continuous Training

Periodic trainings are provided to all personnel involved in crucial organizational activities.


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